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Landscape Maintenance - Keep it Simple


Everyone loves a beautiful landscape, but no one really likes the hours of work you must put in to maintain it. However, you can have a great looking yard without spending all the time keeping it looking nice. The secret is in planning and preparing for a low maintenance yard. It is simple to do, just take a few simple steps.

If you have a new landscape, you can plan for low maintenance from the beginning. For those of you have an existing yard, you can implement many of these ideas into your garden and turn it into a easy care yard.

One of the first things you should do is plan for watering. Many people inadvertently waste water as they irrigate their yard because they haven't automated the process. When you hand water or manually water with a sprinkler on a hose, it is very hard to do it without waste. By installing a sprinkler system or even putting your garden hose on a timer, you will be able to cut down on the time you spend watering and control the waste.

You can also cut down your time watering containers by using self watering pots. These pots generally have a reservoir in the base that you fill with water. The container then uses this water to irrigate the container from the bottom up. This puts the water right at the roots and helps to cut down on your watering time.

Taking care of weeds is one of the most time consuming tasks in the garden. But it doesn't have to be that way. By taking a few simple steps you can considerably cut down on the time you spend taking care of weeds in the garden. By using a pre-emergent herbicide you can dramatically cut the weeds that germinate. You place the pre-emergent on top of the soil after you are done with all you planting. The herbicide with then help prevent weed seeds from germinating and help keep you out of the garden!

Another great way to control weeds is to put a thick layer of mulch over the soil. Using a mulch will prevent weed seeds from getting the light and air they need to germinate so you will have fewer weeds. Not only will mulch help cut back on your weeding, it will also help the soil retain moisture so you can cut back on your watering as well.

A beautiful garden needs food, but you don't want to spend time fertilizing every few weeks. The answer is slow release fertilizer. By using a time release fertilizer will allow you to feed the plants and then forget about it for up to three months. Most time release fertilizers need to be worked into the soil a few inches. It should also be used in containers where you will mix it right into the soil as you plant.

Your landscape can look like you spend a lot of time in it, even if you don't! It is possible to have a gorgeous yard without all the work.